Hello, we are Claudia & Wynand du Plessis, passionate nature photographers, specialized on Namibia’s grand wildernesses. For almost 30 years we have worked as professional photographers, authors, publishers & wildlife ecologists in Namibia.

Only recently did we realize that many passionate photographers visiting Namibia have so many questions about the best camera equipment, camera settings, travel times, photo hot spots & wildlife behavior that we have answers to.

This is why we created this course ‘Take Better Photos In Namibia’. We tell you everything you need to know … and a bit more … about the secrets to nature photography in Namibia, so that you arrive well prepared in Namibia and can ‘shoot’ your dream images from day one, without wasting time – and money – figuring everything out by yourself.

If this sounds like a great deal to you our ‘Take Better Photos In Namibia’ is for YOU.


Easy navigation to all videos and PDF resources inside this course:

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What you will get in each of the modules in this course

In Module 1 you’ll get valuable insider knowledge about Namibia’s weather & the photographic conditions throughout the year as well as the best photo times. You’ll learn how to best experience Namibia’s magic, and which crucial travel mistakes you should avoid at all costs to not spoil your photographic journey.

  • Which photographic conditions you can expect in Namibia
  • How your travel dates will influence your Namibia image portfolio
  • The daily schedule you need to follow to NOT miss the best photo light
  • How to BEST experience Namibia’s grand wilderness & capture truly amazing images
  • Which crucial mistakes you MUST AVOID to NOT endanger yourself & your photographic success in Namibia

In Module 2 you’ll get an extensive visual overview of the best photo spots in Namibia together with valuable, photo relevant information. This will help you design your dream Namibia trip around your favoured destinations.

  • Where to find the BEST photo spots in Namibia
  • What you need to know about them BEFORE you plan your Namibia trip
  • How to explore & photograph these photo highlights
  • Which are the best times to photograph them

In Module 3 you’ll find out which camera, lenses & accessories you should bring to Namibia & which important features your equipment must have, so you have a great photographic experience in Namibia & won’t miss great photo opportunities.

  • Which camera requirements are essential (without being too techie)
  • Which lenses you’ll need for your landscape & wildlife photography in Namibia
  • Other photo accessories you MUST bring to Namibia
  • Crucial equipment mistakes you should avoid

In Module 4 you’ll discover a variety of ways to compose & capture truly extraordinary images in Namibia. You’ll learn about special nature scenes, events & wildlife behavior in Namibia, that make for truly amazing photographs, and how you can use light & various creative ways to capture truly stunning images.

  • The visual & artistic elements of an image: content & composition
  • Special nature scenes & events in Namibia
  • An ordinary images versus an outstanding image
  • Capturing great or unusual light
  • Applying other elements of art in your photography
  • Using photographic techniques, such as unique angle, perspective and framing

In Module 5  you’ll get to know the grand dynamics within Etosha’s ecosystem as well as the wildlife’s seasonal & daily habits. This will help you to know where to find & photograph its charismatic animals.

  • The Insider’s knowledge that’s crucial to your photographic success
  • Understanding the wildlife’s seasonal & daily habits
  • And the knowledge & strategies on how to find & photograph Etosha’s wildlife

In Module 6 you’ll hear about the specific conditions & regulations in Etosha that will affect your wildlife photography. You’ll also learn the best photo routines & photo gear settings that will enable you to capture Etosha’s wildlife in stunning images.

  • The conditions & regulations that will influence your photography in Etosha
  • Your daily photographic routine and game drives
  • Photo Gear Settings for best wildlife shots

In Module 7 you’ll discover which light situations in Etosha will greatly inhance you wildlife photography there, and which photographic techniques & ways of composing will transform your images into captivating works of art.

  • The creative use of light in Etosha
  • Arranging the visual content creatively
  • Creative photographic techniques for your wildlife photography in Etosha

In Module 8 you’ll get our best insider information on which behaviors of Etosha’s wildlife are especially photogenic and how to read the signs, so that you can anticipate and capture these great wildlife behaviors in amazing images.

  • The keys to great wildlife images: bringing it all together
  • Using wildlife routines & signs for interesting wildlife behavior, to capture great images: case studies

In Module 9 you discover the photo hot spots of the Sossusvlei area & which photo highlights you can expect during your time of visit. You’ll also get our best tips on how to plan your photo trips in the area, and which photo gear settings to use for magnificent desert images.

  • The photo hot spots of the Sossusvlei area
  • Which photographic opportunities you can expect at your time of visit
  • Which local conditions & regulations will influence your photography
  • Your daily photographic routine and photo trips and
  • The Photo Gear Settings for best landscape shots

In Module 10 you’ll discover how to best use the magical desert light for your landscape photography and how to compose & capture the desert’s magnificence in truly stunning images

  • The creative use of light in the desert
  • Arranging the visual content of your landscape images creatively

All resource that are included with our online course:

  • Videos in HD quality of all 10 modules
  • Text Transcript of everything said in the module videos
  • All images and text from the video modules as slide presentations
  • Our detailed Namibia Road Map as eBook
  • Our detailed Etosha Road Map & Photo Gallery as eBook
  • Our detailed The Namib Desert & Surroundings Map as eBook
  • Our Namibia’s Photographic Highlights as eBook
  • Our coffee-table book on Etosha as eBook (Etosha – Rhythms of an African Wilderness)
  • Best Etosha Waterhole Sightings Map
  • FEEL Namibia eBook
  • 7 TIPS eBook
  • Sunset / Sunrise Time Table of Namibia
  • Essential requirements of your camera equipment
  • Daily Activities of Etosha’s Wildlife
  • Photo Gear Settings summary
  • Best Wildlife Behaviour Wishlist in Etosha
  • Detailed Sossusvlei Area Map
  • Travel times from Sesriem to the Photo Highlights around Sossusvlei


What’s the schedule for the course? Can I take it at my own pace?

The ‘Take Better Photos In Namibia’ Digital Course is a ’10 modules training’ where each module builds upon the last. The content is accessible to you immediately after purchasing. You can take the course at your own pace, either within a few days or spread out over a few weeks, it’s entirely up to you.


How is the course content delivered?

This course offers 100% online learning so you can take the program from anywhere with access to the internet! All modules are delivered as high resolution videos, with the option to download the transcripts & slide presentations, as well as the maps and other resources in pdf format, so you can learn the way that works best for you. In total there are 3,5 hours of video content.


I am just starting out in nature photography, is this course for me?

Yes! This online course is for anyone who is passionate about capturing the beauty of Africa’s nature in images and wants to improve her/his nature photography on their next visit to Namibia in a significant way.

If you apply what you learn in this course, your photography WILL be lifted up to a higher level as our course teaches you to focus on getting great shots, not just ordinary shots.


I am a seasoned and experienced nature photographer, is this course still for me?

Yes! This online course gives even experienced nature photographers valuable insider knowledge about photographing Namibia’s nature, and it prepares you to be at the best places at the right times of the year and day.

You can only get similar knowledge by joining a dedicated photo tour with a professional tour company. However, our training course costs you a fraction of the price and gives you complete freedom to plan your photo safari to fit all of your own needs.

What can I expect from the training?

This is a one-of-a-kind training, unique in style and lessons. No one is offering as much insider knowledge about wildlife & landscape photography in Namibia as this course ‘Take Better Photos In Namibia’.

In the course we share concrete, practical & actionable examples for taking great photographs in Namibia. We illustrate our teachings with hundreds of photographs and also give you valuable maps and resources for planning your game drives & photo trips through Namibia optimally.

How often is this course made available per year?

We’ll open enrollment for this online course only a few times a year, and we may never offer it for this amazing price again. If you’re feeling called, now is the time to enroll! And remember: there is NO RISK in enrolling. If you decide the ‘Take Better Photos In Namibia’ course isn’t for you, we offer a no-questions-asked refund until 10 days after purchase.


What are the payment procedures?

After clicking the BUY NOW button you will be sent to a payment form where you fill in your name, email and create your own password. You will then be redirected to PayPal where you can pay using your PayPal account, or directly with your Credit Card without the need to open an account in PayPal.

A welcome email will be sent to you with a link directing you to your course material. Now you are ready to log in using your email and password (that you created during the payment procedures).

Is there a payment plan?

We offer a full ONE-TIME payment option (cheapest), as well as payment over 3 months (slightly more expensive).


Do I get permanent access to the course material?

Yes! You’ll have permanent access to the full training, PLUS you will also have FREE access to any updates & improvements we’ll make to the existing content in the future.

You get FREE access to our private Facebook Group

You’ll also get FREE access to our closed Facebook Group of all course participants, where other like-minded nature photographers share their knowledge, wins, challenges, questions and images, and where you can get quick support! And, of course, we’re here to help as well, whenever you need us.

What is the refund policy?

There is NO RISK in enrolling. If you decide the ‘Take Better Photos In Namibia’ course isn’t for you, we offer a no-questions-asked refund until 10 days after purchase. This will give you enough time to glance over the video, text and image resources to find out precisely what you will get & if this is for you.

We want to make this an easy decision for you. This is our life’s work. We’re confident that if you go through the training and apply what you learn, you’ll see a dramatic transformation in your nature photography and bring home amazing images from your Namibia visit.

Will this course save me TIME and MONEY on my photographic journey?

Absolutely! You are at the right place!

Our course ‘Take Better Photos In Namibia’ is a highly specialized & comprehensive course on nature photography in Namibia. It gives you ALL the IMPORTANT photography relevant information you need to arrive best prepared in Namibia and to start capturing your dream images from day one, without wasting time – and money – figuring everything out by yourself.

We have:

• distilled almost 30 years of insider knowledge & experience of photographing Namibia’s great wildernesses onto the course pages

• organized our photographic know-how into step-by-step, easy to follow advice for YOU

• scoured through tens of thousands of our Namibia images to select the final 725 photographs that’ll teach you best how to capture stunning wilderness images and

• summarized the essential features your photographic equipment should have for wildlife & landscape photography in Namibia, to make it much easier for YOU to bring the right equipment.

Travelling to Namibia in itself requires a considerable investment of time & money. You wouldn’t want to waste either and return with only ordinary (or boring) photographs, just because you unknowingly missed out on great opportunities since you didn’t know when & where to find them!

Will this course also help me to improve my wildlife and landscape photography elsewhere?
Definitely! Even though the course is focussed exclusively on Namibia, the principles & best practices of wildlife & landscape photography that you’ll learn in this course will also apply to many other wilderness destinations in Africa & elsewhere.
This course is probably NOT for the following people:

• people not interested in nature photography.

• people only interested in occasional holiday photography with a small compact camera or smart phone only.

• people not interested in travelling to Namibia or other wilderness-rich countries in Africa.

• people who (think they) know everything there is to know about nature photography in Namibia.

All rights reserved by Claudia and Wynand du Plessis

All rights of ALL the material presented in this course ‘Take Better Photos In Namibia’ remains exclusively with Claudia & Wynand du Plessis.

You may use material that is downloadable for your own private use on your own private computer only, but not share, distribute, market, print it (for other than private use), copy and duplicate it to third parties in any way.

The training videos are not downloadable, and it is illegal to attempt to copy these videos in any way. They are for viewing only by paying customers of the ‘Take Better Photos In Namibia’ online course.

What if I have more questions?

We’re ready to answer them! Just email us at claudia@take-better-photos-in-namibia.com or at claudiaduplessis13@gmail.com.

You will also get quick answers & insights from us and other users of our closed Facebook Group.



This course ‘Take Better Photos In Namibia’ is designed to prepare you as best as possible for great nature photography in Namibia.

However, we have – of course – no control over the specific photographic conditions – be it the weather, wildlife behavior etc. – during the time of your photographic trip to Namibia.

Therefore we cannot guarantee that you will actually have any or all of the great photo opportunities that we describe in the course and also that you’ll actually take stunning photographs. This is out of our hands & we take no responsibility for it.

Are YOU ready to improve YOUR photography?




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